Paul Rai (Born on March 26, 1994 A.D)

Hi, I am Paul Kulung Rai from Sankhuwasava, Nepal. I did my schooling from Surya Secondary Boarding school and had a privileged to be a computer teacher of same school. I'm also doing my bachelor on Arts at Tribhuwan University.

I am very much passionate and dedicated with Music. And I live with a amount of perservance to achieve my goal. I love to play different instrument, among them guitar is my favourite. I'm a Christian and I do service at Pratigya Independent Church. I usually play guitar at my church and give some classes as well.

Guitar first appered in my life when I was studying in grade two, my dad tought me all about relative cords and I was able to play guitar on some songs and hymns at my little age. I boost my theoretical knowledge from Nepal Korea internation college; where I learned Violin and Piano as well for about two years. Some of my favourite guitarist are Steve Vai, Sungha Jung, Joe Satriani, Jim Greeninger, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Clapton, Michael Angelo Batio.

Paul Rai